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Friday 19 June 2009

breaking the (Spring) Banks!!

Some interesting news came in on the C.S. wire today regarding an extraordinary days trading at Bonhams, one of the UK's most celebrated auction houses.

A packed saleroom of high-spritied bidders from all over the world competed vigorously for the 355 lots on offer yesterday, with hundreds of absentee bids already in place prior to the sale commencing. An astounding 100% of lots had sold by the end of the day, the total sale reaching well over a staggering £138,000.

Among the top performing brands were Ardbeg, Bowmore, Highland Park, Glenfiddich, Glenfarclas, Port Ellen, The Macallan and Springbank.

The mouthwatering highlights of the sale included the following:

a rare miniature of Springbank-1919 £1500,
Black Bowmore-1964 £3000,
The Macallan-1938 £1800,
Springbank-1958 £960,
Laphroaig-40 year old £1200,
Port Ellen Maltings-21 year old £1620, (which we would sell any available grandmothers for, just to try a sip. )

Tasting notes to come shortly on the above list, when we've managed to convince the bank they're better off being drunk, than pored over in a glass case... ;-)

Bonhams Whisky specialist Martin Green, says: “This is one of the most successful whisky sales on record with the highest percentage of lots sold in the 20 year history of whisky auctions.”

For further whisky porn, here's a picture of a pretty lady fondling her highly prized assets: