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Sunday, 25 May 2008

WORLD EXCLUSIVE LIVE FROM THE DISTILLERY - Bruichladdich - Valinch X4+1 Deliverance - 1 YO (yes, ONE) - New Spirit - 50cl

Bruichladdich - Valinch X4+1 Deliverance - 1 Year Old new spirit 50cl

Nose: Spirit. Candyfloss. Vanilla. Toffee apple. Very fresh. Cedar wood.

Palate: licorice, lemon meringue pie, apricots, hints of peach melba or Del Monte fruit salad, (that stuff that come in tins in syrup!). Ginger and cinnamon.

Finish: Chi spices, cloves and that meringue again. A real Sweetness lingers longer than the spices and last possibly as long as a Rick Wakeman Concert.

Overall: We were told last night by two lovely folks from Bruichladdich that this spirit defied its age; it was hard to believe until we tasted it, but this is actually true. The freshness and zest are powerful and refreshing. Shame it's only a 50cl bottle
, as at 55 quid it isn't cheap.