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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Prince of Wales

Phew. So that was that, another Feis Ile under our belts where we had a brilliant time of whisky and community. Another big thanks to the folk of Islay for letting the world decend upon their isle once again.

So, where do we go from here. 110 whiskies in 10 days means our liver took a much deserved break of soft drinks and water for a week or so. However, during the surrender to Highland Spring (not Highland Park), one good friend had a 30th Birthday and I couldn't resist trying one of his gifts:

Penderyn - Aur Cymru (Welsh Gold) - NAS - 46% Vol - Nov 2008 Edition - Finished In Madeira Casks

N - A nice waft of soft butter, violets and just a hint of sweet desert wine, obviously.

P- Very soft on the mouth feel, this cuts in with a real sweetness that makes you think the whisky has spent just the right amount of time in the Madeira casks. Everything is there; butterscotch, heather and a little toffee apple. None of the spices I was expecting but a drinkable if not remarkable dram.

F - A pretty quick and easy follow on from the palate, this is gone in an instant and not in a bad way.

O - Mmmm. Difficult one, as it is the first whisky back from hundreds (literally) of Islay drams, which kinda skews our whisky senses a little. The overall feeling I get with this whisky is that there is not quite enough power and wood to the spirit itself, before the finishing took place, leaving me thinking that the whisky needed more time in Bourbon casks to take on some decent wood flavours first. It is a good whisky this, but coming off the back of "smokey, peaty whisky week" it just feels a little, er, tame!