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Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Master of Malts....and sweets

Hello folks, again apologies for the lack of activity on here for the past couple of weeks- Caskstrength have been on international work/holiday detail, so stay tuned this week for our exploits from the far east, where we report on some of the finest whisky moments we've ever experienced, this time from a wonderful few days in. Japan.

In the meantime, we're pleased to report on some cracking new whiskies released from our new friends Ben and Justin over at

The guys have been busy seeking out a few weird and wonderful casks, several samples of which have just reached our front door. Keep an eye out this week for more details.

First up: a Bowmore that thinks it's a popular well stocked vintage sweetshop....

Recent distillery bottlings of Bowmore have often baffled and disappointed in equal measure and only heightened just how amazing the older expressions are. However, when we received this sample of a single cask bottling we were in high spirits and full of didn't disappoint!!!

Master Of Malt - Bowmore- 26yo - single cask bottling - 53.4%

Nose: Huge fruit, sherbets, black and red fruit gums and a massive waft of Parma Violets. It's like that first heady aroma you get when walking into an old fashioned sweet shop and it's totally delicious! leaving this in the glass for a short time gives some splendid black cherries, a minute hint of smoke and some shaved dark chocolate.

Palate: The fruit sherbet and parma violets just get even more flavoursome on the palate. Tremendous oily mouthfeel, leading into some lovely light floral notes and a little woodiness emerge. Sweet and creamy Milky Bar flavours also start to make themselves known and you'd be forgiven for perhaps thinking this was a whisky designed for children!? (albeit children who know a great whisky when they taste it!!)

Finish: Lengthy, perfumed and full of sweetness. Just lovely.

Overall: Such a light, deft touch from a pretty seriously aged malt. where on earth did it come from?? It certainly is one of the most unusual whiskies we've come across in a while- and delivers on every front. Makes me start to think about swizzle sticks, drumstick lollies and other sugary treats of my yesteryear. Smiles all round....