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Friday, 21 August 2009


That split second of confusion, anticipation, hope. A gap of 5 seconds or so where everyone else around you knows what is going on. But not you. You are in the dark. That fact, that little piece of knowledge has not yet reached you. But everyone else around you is in the light. And then you get it. It hits you; that fact, that piece of knowledge. It is in your life, in context and you belatedly make the same reaction as everyone else around you.

I'm sat in my garden, the sun pouring through mottled clouds and a warm, blustery wind whips up the washing on the line. Not far in the distance I hear a loud cheer, so I quickly look down at my computer screen, logged on to a lagging stream of a foreign broadcast, to see an Australian bowler (Siddle) dispatch a perfect delivery to England batsman Broad who hooks it high into the sky. In my ears still rings the cheers of the crowd from The Oval just down the road. He must be out. He's a gonner. But no! As the ball skies towards Mitchell Johnson at long leg, he goes for the catch but drops it! And I cheer. I cheer with same gusto and relief that the 15,000 people down the road cheered. And suddenIy feel part of it again. Part of the atmosphere; part of the summer; part of England.

There really is only one whisky to be sat in the late summer sun with and that is Rosebank. Well, Rosebank and Clynelish. Which makes this a good opportunity to post some recently taken notes from 2x Rosebanks!

Rosebank - 17 YO - Single Malts Of Scotland - Dist. 01.07.91 - Bottled 20.04.09 - Cask No. 2206 - 259 bottles - Vol. 46%

Nose: Nice and fresh, with a good dollop of spirits, some vanilla, cream and mint.

Palate: Rhubarb and custard with a touch of mint again.

Finish: Medium. Smooth and fresh.

Overall: Yummy in the summer time! Forget your G&T, pour a big glass of this with some ice, sit back and take in the evening heat.

Rosebank - Rare Malts - 20 YO -1981 - 62.3% Vol.

Nose: Stewed, dark red fruits. Crumble.

Palate: Sherbet and the extra age has added some liquorice to the taste. Not as light as Rosebanks in their teens (when I think they are at their best) but he extra weight doesn't detract, nor add. But gives a more robust dimension.

Finish: Waxy, "black and red" sweets / dark coloured wine gums.

Overall: My preference is for a Rosebank in it's teens, but this good if you want a little more meat to your delicate spirit.