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Monday, 29 March 2010

Not 'Ard to like this...

As well as our ill-fated attempts to have a spring clean at Caskstrength Towers last week, we thought it was time to try out a new feature and spring clean our front page a little. So here it is.... 'The Reasonably Priced Dram Of The Week'. 

A simple concept really... rather like putting water and ice with whisky.... really who'd have thought it. (Btw, Mrs Caskstrength has FINALLY clicked with whisky, courtesy of the 'Mizuwari'!!)

The main condition for this section is that it must be available commercially for under £30. Bingo.

This week, it's the turn of Ardmore.

The Ardmore Traditional Cask is effectively the entry-level single malt release from the distillery. No age statement here but it is non-chill-filtered and also given the finishing touches in a quarter cask to really bump up the flavour.

Ardmore - Traditional Cask- 46% - Non Chill filtered

Nose: Lots of peat, fighting against some smooth, sweet toffee. A few hints of licorice and soft fruit thrown in for good measure, but a nice, well rounded set of aromas.

Palate: Very intense cereal notes, silky mouthfeel with mint humbugs, brittle caramel, dark chocolate and an embellishment of smoke, really makes this hang together very well indeed.

Finish: Menthol, and subtle smoke fades into chocolate.

Overall: A fine drinker we think and very worthy of our new 'Reasonably Priced Dram Of The Week'. You can find this online at either Master Of Malt or The Whisky Exchange.