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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What a Dram Good Idea....

Novel Idea Of The Week time again folks!

Ever seen a bottling that you've dreamed about getting your teeth into, only to find that it is way beyond your wallet's current capacity ? It has certainly happened to us... probably on a weekly basis, truth be told! Well our chums at Master Of Malt- ever the innovators have been racking their whisky addled brains for a while now, for a solution to this problem.

What they've come up with is brilliantly simple but terrific idea- Drinks By The Dram. Why not open a few of their most coveted bottlings and pop a generous drams-worth into a sample, so you can enjoy it for next to nothing...

According to Ben Ellefsen, (one of the Masters Of Malt), "As pretty serious whisky fans ourselves, we wanted a way that we could sample new releases from our favourite distilleries and bottlers without the expense of committing to a whole bottle of each before we'd even tried it. Drinks By The Dram started life as a way of allowing our staff and friends
to compare and contrast a range of whiskies, safe in the knowledge that the
investment required was not one that was likely to land them in the
dog-house on a semi-regular basis."

Three cheers to that!! Perhaps we'll no longer need to leave new (and slightly ill-advised) purchases in the boot of the car now, until Mrs Caskstrength has popped away for the weekend.

A sneak preview of some of the brands that are coming up include Glenfarclas, Bruichladdich, Murray McDavid, The Vintage Malt Whisky Company, Renegade Rums, Alc-hem-ist, Signatory, Edradour and many more, with a number of Master Of Malt bottlings also included. There's also a full list of the drams that are available Here:

As you can see from the picture above, the lads have gone to town on the packaging- each sample bottle is individually wax dipped to seal them, with the label printed on local hand-made paper.

Within the next couple of days approximately 40-50 whiskies will be available, with several hundred more available within a month.

If you fancy finding more about Drinks By The Dram, check out the link Here: