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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Crying Game

What happens when something isn't as it appears? Many times we've joked in bars about trying Glen Hoddle Whisky or Glen Miller Blended, but what if these were to actually exist...?

Then today I came across this site:

When you're making a film, if you haven't been sponsored by some major drinks giant to place their bottles in full view of the audience, then which brands should you choose? Well, you give the chaps at The Early Hays Press a call, of course! Based in Sun Valley, California, they supply props to the film, TV and theatre business, meaning you can finally order that illusive bottle of Jim Daniels, Black Rush, Cutters Ark or Malt Mill* which you've been seeking out for an age.

Here are our guesstimate tasting notes for the Cutters Ark:

Cutters Ark - Blended Scots Whisky - ABV unknown

Nose: very little going on except for hints of weak tea

Palate: again, not a great deal to tell, this must be a least a third or fourth refill bournbon cask. Hints of tea / PG Tips.

Finish: Gone in an instant, this blend is probably very young but the wood maturation seems to have subdued the spirit right down. Hints of tea.

Overall: A good malt to start the day with, as the overall blend of tea and, er, tea make this one to look out for the in the future... the addition of a drop or two of milk (in Europe they like to use lemon slices apparently, but each to their own. Someone once told me that they added ICE in States. Amazing!) really brings the flavours out, especially when heated through in a microwave. Serving suggestion: this is best consumed from a small china cup served with a biscuit chaser. May we suggest shortbread.

If you really want some fun, check out the other items including Playpen Magazine and The New York World newspaper... enjoy!

*Malt Mill is totally fictitious and made up, apologise for that. Unless anyone wants to prove us wrong and send us a sample.... ;-)