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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

You're Taking The Piss / A Wee Dram / Urine For It Now (Choose Your Own Title Day)

Quite often we have visitors over to HQ for a cup of tea, some dinner or most commonly a dram or two. People who have never been before are often forced in to that awkward question people ask when they hear you've had time off work sick.

"Errr.... are you okay?"

people ask as they see an array of small vessels holding light brown liquid.

"No, those are my samples."

I'll often quip back. And indeed they are. Samples of whisky. The above pictures shows a small selection of drams waiting to be written up for the site and the warehouse.

But one man has taken the idea of the sample a little too far. Wired Magazine UK is reporting on a whisky made by a Mr James Gilpin which is distilled from the sugar rich urine of diabetes sufferers. Gilpin himself has Type 1 diabetes and, according to the piece, this is a project to assess if we can (re)use natural products produced by the body.

The "pissky" is available to view (and apparently to taste) in London during September at the 100% Materials design event and in October at the Abandon Normal Devices event held in Manchester.

It's around about now that we put out an appeal for "work experience tasters". Can you guess what your first assignment is?

At least with the trend of very expensive whisky that has been on offer over the last few year, for this one you only need to spend a penny... boom, boom.