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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Swift Late Nighter

Enforced separation from one's whisky collection is surely a crime that should be recognised by the United Nations, but needs must and you find me up in Wetherby visiting relatives, before heading back to open a few bottles, which I was given for Christmas. The other Christmas bottlings I bought on my travels have long been exhausted but fortunately, I took precautions and packed an emergency dram, should the need arise. And risen it certainly has. Watching a programme about the secret life of polar bears took my mind off having a crafty snifter, but despite the BBC's best efforts, the icy conditions endured by the bears and their cubs make me feel the need for a winter warmer.

Time to crack out reinforcements...

I was given a drams' worth of the latest Special Release Brora 30 yo, with instruction to break it open, should the need arise. So here I am, watching another repeat of Cliff & The Shadows- The Farewell concert DVD. Jeeves...fetch me the toffee hammer... i'm going in....

Brora - 2010 Special Release bottling - 30 yo - 3000 bottles 54.3%

Nose: Chopped brazil nuts, cocoa dusted dairy fudge, candle wax, a hint of carbolic/medicated soap and something distinctly malty, Horlicks springs to mind. But although this is my nightcap dram, its aroma is certainly not sending me to sleep!

Palate: Initially quite hot, with more of the chopped nuts, some zesty sherbet, some meatiness (minted roast lamb?) followed by some nice creamy malt notes. This year's release probably doesn't have the depth of some of the previous year's releases and with water, it falls a little flat, but there is a pleasant honeyed sweetness retained on the palate.

Finish: The sweetness lingers, along with hints of the chopped nuts. The finish is far more lengthy without the addition of water and all the better for it.

Overall: The nose really helps this dram along nicely, but in my opinion, the palate (diluted especially) holds it back from being considered up there with some of the great Brora bottlings of the last few years. That said, A massively welcome dram right now, especially when Cliff is about to break into break into song again...