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Monday, 31 January 2011

Doing The Boo....

Here at Caskstrength, we're most definitely fans of shiny new bits of software and online social networking programs. Twitter? Check. Facebook?...sort of. Myspace? Soooo 2007!
So when we were told about a brand new site, which allowed us to effortlessly add audio clips of our whisky escapades into a tasty, bite-sized homepage, we were intrigued.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you the Caskstrength Audio Boo. Or should that be Audio Boo(ze)

You can hear our very first postings here - and what better way to christen this box fresh internet sensation-in-waiting with a trip to the London Scotch Malt Whisky Society, for a few of their monthly dram recommendations.

Staff members Jonathan and Kat take us through a couple of their favourites from the last few outturns, whilst society manager Joe McGirr gives us a sneaky peak at one of the oldest bottlings the SMWS must have released- 35.50 'Something Special', which is an astonishing
47 years old.... well worth trying, if you're heading past.

We'll be developing our Audio Boo profile over the coming months, bringing you interviews, tasting notes and reviews, as well as a few more surreal observations from the world of whisky, including our forthcoming trip to this year's Feis Ile!

Until then, time to get Boo(ze)d up folks.