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Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Treats

5pm on Good Friday and I can't think of a more apt name for a national holiday. The sun is belting into every corner of my little south London garden, i've put the dartboard up and some close friends are coming round for an evening at the Oche, accompanied by a choice of warm weather whiskies... But what to go for?

Well see, here's the dilemma. At Caskstrength towers, the Rosebank is usually placed behind a sheet of glass with a sticker on the front, which reads 'Break me at the first sign of summer'. Do I risk cracking it out now and finishing it all off this weekend? (it's forecast to be a belter here) Kind of feel that if I do, i'll pretty much hex the whole of the summer period and summon up the usual weather we get in South London (rain, with the occasional sideways gale)

So i've held back on the majestic Lowland masterpiece and gone for a choice of 2 drinks for tonight: Firstly, a Yamazaki 12yo served 'Sonic style'...
50ml, into a Hi-Ball glass, topped with ice, half filled with chilled soda water and them topped up with tonic. To garnish, a slice of lemon zest and a sprig of mint. Give it a quick stir and you can confidently parade across your veranda, without a care in the world, except for running out of ice.

My second choice tonight is a Tropical Fruit Whisky Sour, using another cracking Japanese whisky- Hakushu Bourbon Barrel.
40ml of Hakushu (you can use any light, fruity whisky really, but this is great)
10ml lemon juice, 10ml vanilla sugar syrup, a dash of lime juice, 5ml of pineapple juice and if you have any, a little kiwi fruit juice (yeah, ok, so we have lots of fruit to use up, ok!!)
Add the ingredients to a shaker with half an egg white and ice, shake till your hands turn blue and strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice. drop a few dashes of bitters onto the top and garnish with a small piece of lime and a cherry.

A (non) typical view across the plains of South London

The Rosebank remains intact, but I feel my friends and I will be more the merrier as the sun sets in glorious Penge.

Happy easter everyone...