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Tuesday 17 May 2011

Battle of the Blend

Firstly, apologies folks, we were supposed to bring you this last week, but on Friday, Blogger, who host Caskstrength seemed to have a seizure and everything went a little weird for a couple of days. All seems to have resumed normality now though.

A little while ago, Caskstrength, along with 9 other blogs around the globe were asked to take part in a bit of an experiment. The chaps at Master Of Malt had come up with a devilishly simple concept; why not create a blend, which was based on a formulation concocted by one of us cyber whisky folks...

A blogger actually putting their money where their mouse is?? Surely not.

Some cyber sceptics & possibly a few traditional whisky scribes will no doubt be rubbing their hairy hands together over the prospect of how bad these blends would turn out. But hang on a sec chaps and chapesses- the proof of this deliciously blended pudding is in the drinking and it is to be the general public who would get to decide the overall winning blend.

Ridley, feverishly at the controls...

So off we all toddled to concoct, cogitate and tinker. Arguments were had, rubbish blends slung down the drain, until the final batches were duly sent off to the MOM testing lab.

One of the Master Of Malt staff,
checking for rogue traces of Port Ellen

Would a legendary blend be discovered? Who knows, but I'm sure we can speak for all the blogs involved that the whole process was a superb wheeze. Not only did it highlight just how difficult it is to put together a drinkable blend (full credit to the guys who do it day in, day out) but it also gave us an opportunity to learn how differing styles of whisky, both grain and malt can interact with each other, sometimes sympathetically, sometimes with extreme volatility!

Now it is your turn to play god and see which of the 10 blends gets chosen to become a fully released product.

Master Of Malt have put together a kit containing samples of all 10 blends (marked A-J), which can be purchased from their website for £29.95. If you so desire, you can order one here and see whether we've done a decent job. Once you've decided on your favourite, you can vote and the overall victor will be crowned... For a little more information on the blogs involved and the voting process, take a look at the Master Of Malt Blog

The various blends differ wildly in price and style. As it stands, we have absolutely no idea which one our entry is, so fingers crossed the taste will speak for itself. Whatever the outcome, from our impressions of the samples, they are all highly enjoyable blends, so we're confident that you'll have fun and enjoy them too.

So with the immortal (and strangely philosophical) words of Mr Harold Hill*,

'Hmmm. I like Blend A. But then I like Blend B. But which is the Best? There's only one way to find out.....'

*If you don't know who Harry Hill is, click here.