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Friday, 17 June 2011

Fathers Day - Suggestions for your Papa this weekend

There are always plenty of options for what to get your Dad this Fathers Day. From a pair of socks in Sainsbury's through to a Bentley Continental, one thing that is sure to have an impact is a bottle of booze. So long as your dad doesn't have designs on being the next George Best, that is.

Whisky is the obvious choice, however you may want to look beyond malts in to rums, gins and Congacs as well.

We chosen drinks which we feel represent great value for money but are also a little "off the beaten track" from what you may find in your local Waitrose or, RIP, oddbins.

Here is a selection which either of us would be proud to give to our wonderful Fathers, this coming Sunday. Click on the links in bold to purchase:


Our first pick is the Glenrothes 1985. Situated in the town of Rothes, down the road from Dufftown, this vintage delivers great burnt oranges and rich wood flavours. It represents some of the best maturing stock Speyside has to offer. £66.25

For something totally unusual, with packaging to boot, try Shackleton's Whisky. A limited edition offering from Whyte & Mackay, this is recreation of the whisky found frozen in the Antarctic and it seems the guys back then had great taste in whisky, as this tastes pretty darn good. £97.95

Black Bull 40. So, yeah, a 40 Year Old Blended Whisky for just over £100. Exactly. And it tasets bloody fantastic too. Honestly, you'd be daft not to. We bought a bottle three weeks ago and it's all but gone now... £116.00

Irish Whiskey:

The two main pics for us here come from opposite sides of the boarder. Starting in the North, try the Bushmills 1608, made using crystal malt which lends a toffee note to the dram, this will draw admiring gazes from whiskey lovers who come over for dinner and know their Irish. £52.75

From the South, try the Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Red Breast 15 Year Old from the chaps at down at Midleton. The always reliable Redbreast 15 Year Old hits the spot for us and is a real premium product. £67.75

American Bourbon:

Four Roses Single Barrel. Quite simply our favourite bourbon around at present and also at a great price point. £35.59

Japanese Whisky:

Our two picks here are a blend in the Hibiki 12 and a single malt in the Nikka Whisky Straight From The Barrel.

The Hibiki has risen in value over the last few years and availability has become increasingly scarce and quite rightly so for such an amazing blend. Matured in plum wine casks, this whisky is rich and fruit in the truest sense of the terms. £42.25

The Nikka has moved out of my living room and in to my bedroom, becoming the bottle which I have a nip of with a book over bed time. Equally as appealing for it's looks as it's rich and powerful taste. £26.25


Ron De Jeremy - To put this very simply... your dad will know who he is. There will be bonus points for associating yourself with the great man. To say this has a very long finish is an understatement. £28.95


Looking over the English Channel in to France, a good choice in Cognac is the Hine Cigar Reserve. Robust enough to withstand a big fat stogie, or a wonderfully aromatic Montecristo No. 4 this Cognac is a superb meeting of spices and elegant floral notes. We suggest lighting up with your dad and enjoying a generous measure... father and son/daughter time just got even better. £65.75


And finally, back in the UK our highly recommended gin would be No.3 from the chaps down at Berry Bros & Rudd in St James. Quintessentially English, this is the favoured gin for martinits at Dukes Hotel. Recreate the 5 star experience by washing a martini glass out with a good vermouth, taking No.3 out of the freezer and topping the glass up to the brim. Just don't put 5 Star on the stereo. It will ruin the mood somewhat... £29.95