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Monday, 4 June 2012

Islay Odyssey - Day Seven: Eating Two Full-Sized Scotch Eggs Is Clearly A Sign Of Mental Illness

Well, another stunning Feis Ile trip passes by and we’d like to say thanks to a few friends for making it one of the best ever.  Firstly to the wonderful Georgie Crawford for your exceptional hospitality, Jock, Marjorie, Ruth, Pinkie and the team at Lagavulin, Billy Stitchell, Jackie T, Mags, Mickey Heads, Bryony, Yogi and all the team at Ardbeg, Donald Colville, Sir Tom Jones, the legendary Jeremy Stephens, Mark O’Hara, Ben, Justin, Cat & Gareth from Master Of Malt, Stuart Doyle (The Jensen Button of Islay!) Colin Dunn, Richard Paterson, Jill Inglis, the teams at Springbank and the Ardshiel Hotel, Richard Joynson, Eugene Van Der Meer, Jim Whiskyboy, Billy ‘Booze’ Abbott, Des Lynham, Wiggy McCann, Richard E. Grant, the French girl-with-the-sexy-glasses, the guerilla distillers, HRH The Queen and particularly Stuart Harrison for the loan of the Japanese Mercedes.

But wait a second…

As we wend our way down past the tranquil south shores of Islay we notice something very unusual indeed.

Hang on… Another exclusive for you! We seem to have stumbled upon evidence of Islay's 9th working distilling phenomenon!!  

This shaky camera footage clearly shows that the south shores are home to yet another distillery, which we have discovered is called ‘Glen Gusset’. Could this heavily peated spirit*, produced by two as-yet-unidentified distillers (possibly from Venezuela) be the rarest - and surely most collectible liquid from the island... who knows? 

*probably distilled water