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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Most Adventurous Advent...

I. Love. Christmas. 
In the run up to Christmas, every company seems to roll out 'ideal' whisky related gift ideas:  whisky books, that haven't sold very well throughout the year are now re-badged as the 'perfect gift for dad', in addition to repackaged or newly released whiskies - some actually reflecting the festive flavours and aromas we associate with Christmas.     Recently, we reviewed a rather wonderful Mature your Own Whisky kit from the Copper Fox Distillery, which, in our opinion is about as perfect a Christmas present as we can think of, assuming that boredom and the brooding cabin fever of staying with the in- laws doesn't lead to just drinking the immature newmake spirit after a couple of days.

But all these pail into comparison next to the latest work of genius from Master Of Malt.  Not only have they solved the tricky problem of counting down the days to Christmas, but they've also come up with the gift-that-keeps-on-giving for every big kid on the planet.  Move over chocolate-filled advent calendars... here's the whisky-filled advent calendar.

The premise is so deliciously simple.  24 doors, each one with a different 3cl individual wax sealed Drinks By The Dram style miniature.  And behind one of the doors (maybe the 24th?) is a measure of 50 year old whisky.

Yes, this is perhaps the most expensive advent calendar in the world (£149) (ed... actually not, as it would seem Harrods once released this gratuitously opulent monstrosity) but it's a total no-brainer, for the sheer brilliance of a dram a day in the run up to Christmas...imagine the anticipation of just what's behind each of those malt-filled doors of joy...

And for those who aren't keen on whisky (why are you reading this blog??!) MOM have put together a gin-based advent calendar too.  

Gents, we salute you.  Festive idea of the year, hands down...

For more information on the whisky advent calendar, visit Master Of Malt.  But get your (ice) skates on... there's only 19 says left till 'door one'... ;-)