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Monday, 11 November 2013

It's Arrived!! 3D Whisky Hits The Shops... & The Cinema

Sorry for the slightly enforced silence for the past two weeks, folks. We haven't been slacking off, just beavering away on making sure that today, 11th November, is well and truly in Three Dimensions.   

That's right folks, our next instalment in the Alphabet Of Whisky has arrived and 3D is now available to order from Master Of Malt, priced at £49.99.   

In case you missed our ceaseless promotion for this new whisky, we think 3D is a real groundbreaker.  Daluaine, Dalwhinnie and Dufftown distilleries all bought together in one bottle -  a first in this capacity. Each bottle is individually numbered (and hand signed) and comes kitted out in a 3D label, courtesy of our great friend and designer, Dave McDougall  coming with a pair of old school 3D glasses too.

But on the back, you can scan in a QR code that takes you to, where you can download a unique sleeve for your bottle, that can be printed out by the marvels of a 3D printer.  If you haven't got one, then all is not lost.  Simply visit iMakr, our 3D printing partners and their 'Mini Factory' can get the job done for you!  

To get you in the mood, here's a short film we made about the whisky's creation.  Inspired by 3D masterpieces of cinematography such as Jaws 3D and the mighty Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (not in 3D but brilliant, all the same), we chart the fateful day when 3D was bought to life... 

Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid...

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it.  Special thanks must go to Neil Edwards, the man behind the camera and to our co-star, Sarah Brown for such a sterling effort in front of the lens.

Here's our tasting notes for 3D... let us know your thoughts!

Caskstrength & Carry On - 3D Whisky - 56.4% -504 bottles

Nose: Some candied fruit hits first, with fresh pears, ripe plums and orange peel giving the nose a layer of zestiness. Next comes a hint of white pepper, nutmeg spice, vanilla and nutty milk chocolate.
Palate: A dustiness arrives, with charred oak, leading into a very subtle floral note, more orange peel, creamy malt and lemon meringue pie. The fruits of the nose are concentrated, with plums, sour cherries and more vanilla. Water brings out floral notes of white lilies, elderflower and nectarines.
Finish: Lingering notes of orchard fruit honeysuckle, green apple and subtle oak.

Slainte... and buy 3D... ;-)