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Sunday 18 May 2008

3D3 - Better Than 3D TV.

I know, I know. It's been a while since our last posting. Apologies and all that, but we've been really busy. Part of being busy bees has been our preparation for Feis Ile 2008. We leave THIS WEEK (ooo eeerrr) and hope to have plenty of active tasting notes and pics up from said festival. Now, to kick us off, let's review a bottle that I picked up last year at the distillery shop at Bruichladdich. I'm now on to my 2nd bottle of the stuff and it is pretty hard to come across down here in London, so it is a case of grab it when you see it...

Buichladdich 3D3, Norrie Campbell Tribute Bottling - 3rd Edition - OB - NAS - 70cl - 46% Vol

The 3rd in the series of "3D" bottlings, this edition hit me between the eyes last year when I was on Islay. Norrie Campbell was a traditional peat cutter on the island and lends his name to his bottling as, no doubt, he would have loved the huge peated nature of this 'Laddie. It is said to contain Octomore (Bruichladdich's supercharged Peat edition, yet to find it's own bottling).

Nose: Youthful spirit (that'll be the Port Charlotte that is also supposed to make up this edition) with a hit of Peat. Lemon juice also. It reminds me of the Caol Ila Rare Malts 1978 reviewed earlier in the year. It is remarkably fresh on the nose.

Palate: Smooth hit at first, but quickly the peat hit. It's remarkable how the smoothness creates a bed for the Peat which in-turn ushers in spices (red chillies, black pepper) and the salt smooths it all off the top.

Finish: Just as the salt seals in the spices on the palate, they return with a vengeance on the finish, driven by the peat. Excellent balance, if not a little bit too salty (but only very slightly). This is an impressive bottling. Well done, Bruichladdich. They'll be another bottle of this (my 3rd...) making it's way back to London from Islay next week...

Overall: It is an honest coincidence that this bottling features in the main picture above, but I am glad it does. I think this is a wonderful bottling; well done Bruichladdich. It shows (if proof be needed) what a serious contender Bruichladdich will prove to other distillieries. With their "non-chill filter" and "no colouring agents or flavouring" policy, one can do nowt but praise what Bruichladdich are trying to do. Full marks too, to their bottling plant which does a whole heap to employ all of Islay's "unemployable" (if such a term can be used). More of the this level of quality, please...
- Joel