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Monday 19 May 2008

Ruddy Good Port Ellen

We love a bit of Port Ellen here at HQ (who doesn't? apart from the "man" who closed the ruddy place down in the early 1980's...) and it is always nice to see a new bottling spring up from time to time. Earlier this year, it was the turn of Berry Bros's and Rudd to knock out another limited run (as always with Port Ellen) of two casks they married together, both from 1982. Let's get on with the notes:

Port Ellen - Berry's Own Selection - 1982 / 2008 (25 YO) - 70cl - 46% Vol - Cask No's 2030 / 2035

Nose: Some initial savoury notes, then a fresh cereal aroma, alongside some fresh-cut apple peel. Becomes waxy, with faint peat and hints of chamois leather and some doughy and cardboard notes. With time, a biscuity shortbread note appears. Complex and absorbing. Not overally peated. Wafts of vanilla at the death round this off beautifully.

Palate: Medium-full. A dusty entry, with a big raw peat and cereal hit, then hot buttered sweetcorn and an explosion of chilli, ginger and pepper. This is mouthwatering and amazingly lively for a malt of this age.

Finish: Continues to develop, with bitter orange zest and vegetal notes. The cereal and peat notes persist, although the citrus wins out in the end.

Comments: A fascinating bottling, with a vibrancy not often found in malts of this age, alongside a delicious and complex palate.
Hum: if you can't get a bottle of this BBR, try the exact same whisky is this form:
Port Ellen - John Milroy Selection - 1982 / 2008 (25 YO) - 70cl - 46% Vol - Cask No's 2030 / 2035

- Tim (additional comments by Joel)