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Friday 8 January 2010

More Managers Choices to make....

A new year begins and with it, the next batch Managers' Choice whiskies are released.
Monday 11th will see another flight of this vast collection of exclusive bottlings hit the shelves and no doubt, a few piggy banks will be smashed open in readiness. We got the opportunity in December to try a few of them, including a sublime Talisker (which you can read notes of here, as well as the Glen Spey and Inchgower ) and a highly commendable Dalwhinnie (below).

Here's the skinny on the next releases - no prices, but expect them to be around the similar mark to the last flight:

Blair Athol
: 54.7% - 570 bottles
Cask: 5989- Bodega Sherry Cask
Filled: 10/11/95 Bottled: 18/02/09

Cragganmore: 59.7% - 564 bottles
Cask: 2398 - Bodega Sherry Cask
Filled: 02/05/97 Bottled: 14/5/09

: 51% - 270 bottles
Cask: 431 - Refill American Oak
Filled: 05/02/92 Bottled: 10/03/09

59.5% - 282 bottles
Cask: 8153 - Rejuvenated American Oak
Filled: 12/05/96 Bottled: 05/03/09

Glen Spey:
52% 276 - bottles
Cask: 240 - New American Oak
Filled: 18/01/96 Bottled: 02/03/09

60.1 % - 300 bottles
Cask: 5503 - New American Oak
Filled: 30/12/94 Bottled: 06/03/09

58.6% - 582 bottles
Cask: 7147 - Bodega Sherry Cask
Filled: 07/12/94 Bottled: 02/03/09

Hopefully we'll be able to bring you tasting notes for most of these soon, in the meantime- here's what we thought of the Dalwhinnie and the Blair Athol bottlings:

Nose: Vanilla, candlewax, (similar to a Clynelish) a hint of candyfloss and some light lavender notes.

Palate: A hint of leather, malt and cereal flavours, with a slight lemon sharpness, leading into some very nice soft and fruity bourbon notes.

Finish: Lightweight and fairly short.

Overall: Not a million miles from the classic Dalwhinnie 15yo, but with a slightly lighter touch. Roll on summertime.

Nose: Initially, a big hit of vanilla, followed by some aromatic aniseed, banana, lemon meringue pie and some freshly sliced water melon.

Palate: Cereal notes with a slightly beery wash flavour, leading into a surprisingly cherry/ peach sherbet sweetness. A pleasing thick mouthfeel rounds off an interesting, if slightly off-kilter dram.

Finish: Drying, with some licorice/malty after tones.

Overall: Certainly not as interesting as the Talisker of the Dalwhinnie, but pleasing in its own way.

We're still hanging on for the release of the Lagavulin- Come on Diageo! get round to it at once!!