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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lights....Camera....but no action.

One of the most precious things in life is clearly time.

For the most part, it's wonderful to have too much- and lazily drift away with a wonderful whisky in hand, contemplating all those years it's taken to quietly mature. It's also a nightmare when you don't have enough, a frequent complaint in anyone's daily routine.

Yesterday, I was in a bit of a strange position- Having too much time and not particularly enjoying it. Finding myself on the set of a new British film starring Ray Winstone, I was eagerly looking forward to my brief cameo as an undertaker, a scene in which I bury the unfortunately deceased character Mr Winstone was playing.

Starting at a 7am call time, I patiently waited for my chance to deliver the line... and waited....and... waited some more. Being dressed as a 1950's Undertaker is fun, for about half an hour or so. Not the best part of 11 hours though. Finally my scene arrived and... well. They seemed to just abandon it, due to the lateness in the day. (my moustache drooped in disappointment)
On this occasion- bad things come to those who wait.

But let's not forget that most of the time, extremely good things come to those who wait and this time, I refer wholeheartedly to whisky! in particular, the range of blends offered by Cutty Sark.
The night before the filming, Caskstrength tasted the complete range of these excellent blends- the Original, through to the stupendous 25 year old, which certainly gave one's palate a taste that can only be developed over lots of's a quick review of the highlights...

Cutty Sark Original - Blended whisky- 40% abv - 70cl

Nose: Light floral notes initially, followed by much more sugary rich buttery notes- reminiscent of homemade butterscotch sauce. Masses of vanilla and oak.

Palate: Again, light fruity elements coming thru, with green apple and lots of vanilla flavours. A very refreshing whisky.

Finish: not particularly long, but in keeping with the style. Very clean.

Overall: A superb pre-dinner whisky, try it with a hint of soda water if you dare and unlick some more freshness!!

Next up, the 15 year old, which contains a much higher proportion of malt-grain than the original.

Cutty Sark 15 Year Old Blended whisky- 40% abv - 70cl

A much richer and spicier nose lingers beautifully in the glass. Prunes, oven baked oranges covered in brown sugar and that classic oaky note from a good sherried cask.

Palate: The spices continue with sweet sultanas, marzipan, chopped nuts and more of the sherry. Very well balanced.

Finish: A surprisingly sweet finish, with a hint of lingering oak and sherry, returning to the baked oranges again.

Overall: A contrasting whisky to the original, but nonetheless exciting.

Finally, the daddy of the Cutty family- the 25 year old. This dram is based on an 80/20 split of very old malts and grain whisky.

Cutty Sark 25 Year Old Blended whisky - 40% - 70cl

Wow, huge wood in here!! polished Mahogany furniture, mixed with a really earthy 'forest freshness' - similar to the old Karuizawa's we keep banging on about on here. Over time, a similar freshness and zestiness to the original also comes through, bizarrely.

Palate: Hugely rich mouth-feel, with lots of dried fruits, oranges, cloves and marzipan. A superb collection of refined flavours.

Finish: Long.. and then some. the oak comes through, but does nothing to over power the still-tingling spices and sweet nuts that last up to the death.

Overall: A mighty dram, which is a real end-of-the-night soother. Certainly the star of our last few blended whisky related posts....

Off now to brush up on my next role... ! think i'll bring a hip flask next time!!