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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Morning Wood!!

Ok, something a bit special for you...when Caskstrength was recently up in Scotland, we were lucky enough to stumble on some sensational news, which will knock your bed socks off... literally....

Whilst in an un-named persons office, we managed to catch sight of a draft press release, casually lying on the desk - and had to do an immediate double take, before secretly whipping out our phone camera, to document what is certainly find of the year.

an Ardbeg in NO PEAT shocker!!

Take a look at the pictures above (apologies for the poor quality, but we were pressed for time!), which reveal an extraordinary bottling, no doubt destined to draw in the lucrative market of whisky drinkers who are adverse to a spot of the black, smoky stuff.

Following on from where Blasda left off, this new bottling called Fealla-Dha (meaning 'light-hearted & playful') will literally be bottled at ZERO ppm... and from what we could make out from the press release before it was hastily filed away by our embarrassed guest, limited to around 104 bottles. This could potentially be described as the ultimate morning dram, or 'a dram to enjoy with ye porridge', which to us, sounds like a marriage made in heaven for those early risers!

We were quickly ushered out of the office after our chance encounter, so could only get what scant information on the new Fealla-Dha we could, but the close up pic reveals the whisky is very lightly coloured, almost see-through.

Who knows where this will surface and what the future plans are for the Fealla-Dha, but one thing is certain, the 104 bottles released this month, will undoubtedly become hugely collectible. Good luck in hunting one down!!