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Monday, 26 April 2010

Whisky, Don't fail me now!

Ok, this one's an absolute cracker. So good in fact, that we had to read it twice to actually believe it! News story of the week, if not the month, folks...

Francis Rossi, the legendary guitarist and singer with seminal British rockers Status Quo, is to become the chairman on the board of one of whisky's oldest brand names - Glen Rossie. How cool is this!!

  The Original non-Rossi artwork                                 

According to the Scotsman Newspaper, Rossi has bought a stake in the 196-year-old Glen Rossie whisky and become its chairman in the deal with The Brand Cellar, a company specialising in acquiring older brands. When The Brand Cellar approached veteran rocker Rossi, he said he did not need much time before he took the opportunity.

"I can feel my innards getting tingling. I'm elated by it. This is something different." Said a clearly excited Rossi.


Apparently he was first introduced to the whisky sometime in the past decade when a bottle was placed on the band's tour bus by a caterer who thought it was funny. Rossi said he first thought it was a joke, a bottle with nearly his name on it. It then became a regular appearance on the band's rider throughout their touring career.

Rossi continues that "it's something nice to sip late at night. I just like the idea of a drink with my name on it."

The new re-vamped Rossie....

The Scotch is to be relaunched in a new-look bottle carrying a label in the shape of a plectrum, in a nod to Rossi's music career spanning nearly five decades.

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Sir, we salute you!!

you can read more about the story here, on The Scotsman website: