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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Melody In Malts

The connection between music and whisky is something we've touched upon several times here before and it is clear that many of our readers also feel there is a wonderful link between the two. Whether it's knocking back a 'Smoke 'n Coke' whilst listening to Slash rip out a blistering solo, or sitting back in the soothing arms of some minimalist jazz with a vintage Highland Park, the experience is personal and, when the timing is right...truly memorable.

The Coburg Bar in London- Serving the best
Manhattans and Sazeracs we've ever tasted

We have our first 'guest poster' on the blog- our very good friend Mark Jenner, Manager of the wonderful Coburg Bar, situated within London's Connaught Hotel. Mark poignantly brings his experiences of music and whisky together perfectly in this, his very first musing for us- Enjoy!

Melody, Moments & Malts

So much of what we do is about the pure liquid itself- Its character profile and standing, as to how it relates to our blinkered lives! What a waste of a moment!

It’s just past 2am, the last merry few have made their winding way home and my bar is spick and span, ready to start all over again in a few hours.

I’m alone as I fall back into my favourite wing-back chair. I close my eyes and let the grainy crackle of Fats Waller’s 'There’s going to be the Devil to pay' wash through me, cleansing my soul. What a perfect pairing- Fats and a wee dram of what I can only describe a liquid nectar, Port Ellen's 2nd Release, 1978 24 yo. A feeling of intense mellowing forms deep inside, all the woes of the week sinking into the sumptuousness of this lost distillery's velvet lining.

Every dram has a moment, and every moment has a melody but it's up to you and I what those mean to each of us.

My advice to you, dear friend is to take that moment, grab what feels right and give in! In the words of old Bing... “Take a spot, cool and hot! Now you has Jazz Jazz Jazz!” Believe me it's positively therapeutic!

A few tips where to start, if your 'Box doesn’t Rock!'

Glenfarclas 40yr Old and Gene Krupa's 'Sing Sing Sing'

Glenrothes 1982 & Cab Calloway's 'Six or Seven Times'

Convalmore 28yr & Mario Biondi: 'This Is What You Are'