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Monday, 19 December 2011

The Twelve Drams Of Christmas - Part Eight

Welcome back!

Today's festive dram comes from a brand new group with a rather apt, whisky themed name.

The Staves (Emily, Jessica & Camilla) hail from North London and produce a most harmonious sound indeed; swathes of etherial vocals meet gently plucked acoustic instruments. It's heady and heart warming, full of complexity and intrigue, but incredibly refreshing - rather like the whiskey they have chosen!

So take it away girls...

'This Christmas we, The Staves, will be drinking Green Spot whiskey. We first tried it in Dublin a few months ago. It was a freezing cold, lashing rain, gale-force wind sort of a day and we took refuge in The Stags Head pub where they made us the finest hot whiskies we had e'er tasted.
Once warm and dry again, we were recommended Green Spot by the barman and totally fell for its smooth flavour. Some whiskies can be too peaty and smoky, but this whiskey is really versatile & just seems to go with everything. We will be enjoying it with our mince pies - we're not big on sherry - and look forward to sharing it with friends on those cold evenings!
We stocked up on Green Spot at the airport before flying home, and it was a good job too, as it's quite tricky to find over here. Any donations would be most welcome!'

The Staves - Emily, Jessica & Camilla

Check out The Staves here: Sign up to their newsletter and get a free download of two fantastic live tracks!