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Friday, 9 December 2011

The Twelve Drams Of Christmas - Part Three

Well, here we are again. Our little Christmas Dram Suggestion Cabinet is beginning to fill up nicely and we've received some absolutely brilliant tips from friends and whisky lovers the world over. Thanks so far to Charley Boorman and Jeremy Gara from Arcade Fire for theirs - keep an eye out over the next ten days for more absolute crackers too.

As we mentioned in our last post, the next suggestion may contain nuts. Well one slightly nutty individual in particular!

Earlier this year, we had the absolute pleasure to spend a day with one of our childhood idols, legend of children's breakfast TV and owner of one of the biggest foam implements since Lolo Ferrari. Ladies and gentleman, we give you Mr Timmy Mallett.

Timmy, who is also a highly acclaimed artist (from Mallett's Mallet to Mallett's Pallette!) loves a fine dram and when we think about it, there is probably only one choice of whisky out there with a suitably heavyweight reputation...

"Crikey! A Festive Dram...? Whisky works for me - I use it for coughs, colds and in my trusty hip flask, especially at the football during the winter... But avoid using when a goal is scored!!

And Timmy's dram of choice.... Hammerhead of course. Genius.

Hammer Head - Czech Republic Whisky - 1989 vintage - 40.7%

Nose: An initial note of scented furniture polish, some spiced notes of cloves, dry oaky cask aromas and some slight rubber/hot tyres.

Palate: A big, hard hitting assault on the palate initially, with liquorice notes, dried fruit (ripe prunes) and some cedary cigar /tobacco notes.

Finish: The spice notes linger, with some residual sherried notes and a hint of burnt caramel. Bangin'!!

Join us next week for our forth instalment of exciting drammage...